Artist: Juliette Pepin & Romain Biros
Curator: Rita Atkay
Machine learning visuals: Romain Biros
Location: Enclave Gallery, London
Date: 2019

Details: loss=“binary_crossentropy” is an installation by Juliette Penelope and Romain Biros developed in conversation with Rita Aktay. It shares the machine learning process of a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), configured and trained by Romain on Juliette’s archive or medical imaging.
Bringing the latent space of machine learning into the gallery space and thus conflating ways of image processing, loss=“binary_crossentropy” explores sense-making - human and machine, medical and intimate, scientific and indulgent. For any attempt at understanding cannot but fail, the latencies in the GAN’s failure feel more real than our supposedly unfailing normative apparatus.