Location: Corsica Studio, London
Event: in-grid_RealBodies
Date: 2022

Careless fluids is an installation made for In-grid RealBodies, an exhibition and performance evening organised by the ingrid.io collective: “Clubs are refracted spaces, experienced by their visitors as serving a spectrum of functions. They are places to converge and meld bodies into dance monstrosities. They are the site of introspection, of a mindful hedonism, for an individual alone in a smoking area. Or else they are safe spaces, a room in which to comfortably self destruct.”

The installation is made to distort the audience reflection with a similar technic used in AB_tempora called ‘Slit-scanning’ along with real-time mesh noise deformation of the surface the moving-image is mapped upon.

  • C++, OpenFrameworks, openGL, openCV
  • RaspberryPi