Dancers: Rebecca Piersanti & Sophie Page (from Masshysteria Collective)
Visuals and sound: Romain Biros
Location: London
Date: 2020

An ephemeral piece consisting of the interaction between two dancers and several capturing apparatuses such as phones and custom made cameras. They restitute their image altered by the visual program. The alteration of the dancer’s self-image is used as a base for improvisation, performing the ambiguous beauty of the ways in which we relate to our bodies while being mediated by screen. The performers (including the visual artist) feed and influence each other’s agency and with the combination of computational arts and contemporary dance a new and captivating form of performance can be created. The motivation for this project is to promote visually, through dance and creative computing, a relationship to technology based on inclusivity, sensual blurring and poetical selflessness.


  • OpenFrameworks (c++, openGL, openCV)
  • RaspberryPi
  • Sreaming: NDI and Gstreamer over local WIFI